Thank you so much Brian for being my best pool guy. Although he did not actually do the cleaning and pool maintenance, I feel like I am treated as I am his only client meaning that he is always there when I call him, and if a problem aries, Brian gets the work guy out here fast. My pool has never been so clean and nonproblematic since hiring Brian. Thanks again guy.


OCPS is the best company I have used thus far. My pool is clean. Happy to provide this review. Brian is very good to talk to. I recommended my friend to him. Next week OCPS is installing a filter system that is supposed to be the best. Looking forward to it. A++++ service all of the way.


I am SOOO happy with OCPS and their professionalism. I will always keep them as my pool service company. Honest, reputable and efficient. They spent a lot of time to perfect my pool for me. They are so affordable. I compared companies, and OCPS is the best. Next week I am getting a new heater. Very excited.


I was leary about having my pool acid washed again. The last time I had an acid was with my old plaster the pool was so rough it would cut up our feet. I called Orange County Pool and Spa after being referred by my neighbor. The pool was badly stained, the technician explained how each of the stains got there due to imporoper chemicals, algaecide and pH. OCPS gave me a great price, it looks new again, and the best part, the pool is as smooth as the day it was plastered!! I highly recommend this company, they give great SERVICE!!


OCPS is by far the premier pool service company in Orange County, in my opinion. Just so hard working. I hired Brian and his crew to redo my entire pool plumbing and monthly service. WOW!! Their work has been nothing but royal. My pool has never been so clean and working so functional. thanks Brian. You are the king of pool service companies!!


Orange County Pool & Spa has always provided me with good old fashion customer service. The employees are always friendly, on time and do a great job. From installing new equipment for me, delivering my spa cover on time, to the weekly pool service everything this company has done for me has been first rate and I couldn't be happier.


Thanks so much to OCPS!!!!!! Overall excellent service. Thanks for revamping my filter and piping at an affordable rate. You guys are the best. Brian is so courteous.


Just great!!! So happy I went with OCPS. I needed some serious pool service, and so I searched the internet for a highly recommended pool service company, and what I got was a great pool service company which is also an affordable pool service company which it appears is a highly recommened one too. OCPS completed redid my filter and plumbing and now they service my pool. Thanks Brian!!!


This company should change its name to Orange County Regal Pool and Spa because 'regal' is just the word to describe them. I am a magnet for bad service. Everywhere I go I get bad service. Finally!! Now I get great service. OCPS is affordable, although I would pay twice for the type of service they provide. Thanks so much. Love you guys!


I wish to personally thank Orange County Pool and Spa for their uniquely excellent services. I say unique because I have had nothing but bad service from pool service companies until I came across OCPS. They are my pool's dream come true. I was looking for an affordable Orange County pool service company, and I found it in OCPS. OCPS completely revamped by pool pipes, filter, etc., and completely update the system. My pool operates so clean. Again, thankyou. Brian and the gang and really appreciated. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!


I hired Orange County Pool & Spa several years ago to install all new pool equipment (pump, filter, valves, heater, lights, salt system) and the estimator was so knowledgable that out of 5 estimates I went with them. I was quite impressed with the whole experience! They showed up on time, did a nice installation, cleaned up all their mess, and even painted all my pipes to match!! Brian showed me how to control everything with my new wireless system. I then decided to hire them for weekly service. I had always taken care of the pool myself because of past experience with "pool guys". Gerardo, the poolman is on time every week, does a great job, and leaves a signed door tag every visit. Keep up the professional top notch customer service OCPS!!


Complete satisfaction! Is what I have received from Orange County Pool & Spa. I found this company through the local phone book I receive here in Brea, CA. Since hiring Orange County Pool & Spa almost 2 years ago they have been impressing me and I can honestly state they are head and shoulders above the rest!! Weekly pool service never skips a beat. The pool service man Bill is so polite. The acid wash and heater repairs were top notch. My friends who saw the pool before the acid wash and after insist it's been replastered, not acid washed. Keep up the good work guys! I would and will refer this company to anyone!!!


I've had prior problems in the past from other pool service companies that look at my pool or spa or waterfall problem and the initial problem does not get repaired, and in most cases the other "service" company(s) did not return to fix the several problems that I've had in the past. I feel most are intimidated by automated systems and equipment repairs. Orange County Pool & Spa Company has repaired my equipment in the first visit, or in rare cases after a part is ordered after failed repair attempts from others. The company has very knowlegable employees. Also, I have purchased some new equipment over the last four years or so and I've had better performance overall. My thing has always been to spread good recommendations anytime I find an outstanding company or service. Orange County Pool & Spa. --the best by far!!


I have been using Orange County Pool & Spa for just over a year now. Initially, I called them to troubleshoot my automated pool system after finding out my poolman at that time did not do repairs. The serviceman showed up on time, found the two problems, gave me an estimate which I approved and came back the same day to finish the job. I was so impressed I fired my poolman and hired Orange County Pool & Spa to take over the weekly cleaning on my pool and spa. They never miss a beat! Services is consistent, pool always looks great! They actually clean the filters every 6 months instead of just billing for it like previous companies. Keep up the good work and I will continue to refer you to my friends!~ Thanks OC Pool


I have used many pool repair & service companies over the last 20 years and I can finally & honestly say, I have found the best of the best. I first called OCPS on a recommendation from a neighbor. The OCPS pool service employee is an A+ and my pool consistantly looks better than it ever has. When my salt cell quit a few months ago, they were at my poolside in 20 minutes. Then a couple months later, a major part in the salt system control box needed replacing. The replacement part quit also and the mfg. wanted to be paid for the second replacement, but they stepped up to the plate for me with the mfg. and the part was a n/c. And just recently, I replaced my filter to a larger and correct type per Brian's recommendation. The price was totally reasonable and included installation. Gave OCPS the OK and it was installed the next day by an OCPS employee who was very experienced, polite and a true professional. Was Brian just trying to sell me a filter? Not at all! It now takes half the time to heat the spa and the pool and my gas bill has come down because of that. And the pool is even cleaner looking to boot now that I replaced the cartridge filter with a larger and more efficient D.E. filter. I give OCPS my highest recommendation as a very professional, knowelegable, reasonably priced, and totally honest swimming pool company. They are a firm that cares what you think of them. And my compliments to its owner, a real gentleman.