Placentia Pool and Spa Repair

We at OC Pool and Spa for the past 15 years have been providing quality pool and spa repairs for clients in Placentia and other Orange County cities. Our trained technicians are qualified to perform any and all pool and spa repairs with accuracy and reliability. Small one time jobs to major pool repairs or renovation, we are here to handle them all anywhere in Placentia or other Orange County city.

Upgrades and Pool Repair in Placentia

With the cost of energy rising, our Placentia client will opt for energy efficient upgrades during a pool or spa repair. Automated controls, LED lighting and high efficiency pool pumps and pool heaters will all save on long term pool costs. We are committed to being on top of all the new pool technology for your benefit. During any pool or spa repair we will accurately size replacement components such as the pool filter and give you options to decide from.

Besides our routine pool service, our most common pool and spa repairs for Placentia are listed below. This is a partial list so give us a call with your needs, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Pool Heater Repair and Upgrades Spa Heater Repair and Upgrades
Pool Pump Repair and Upgrades Spa Pump Repair and Upgrades
Pool Filter Repair and Upgrades Spa Filter Repair and Upgrades
Pool Lighting Repair and Upgrades Spa Lighting Repair and Upgrades
Salt Water Pool Repairs Ozone Generator Repairs
Pool Electrical and Control Repairs Spa Electrical and Control Repairs
Pool Plumbing Repairs Spa Plumbing Repairs