Pool and Spa Repair in Orange

Our clients from Orange have regarded OC Pool and Spa to be their first choice to call when needing any pool or spa repair. Having trained and experienced technicians troubleshoot and perform pool repairs accurately the first time always saves time and money. We are well versed in all types and brands of pool equipment to professionally perform any pool and spa repair in Orange or other Orange County city.

Pool Repair, Service and Upgrades for Orange residents

Some of our customers in Orange have had their pool or spa for a long time and now pool repairs are needed. We can analyze, accurately size replacement pool filter, pool heater or filter equipment and give you choices to make the pool or spa repair more energy efficient or easier to operate with automated controls. New LED lighting will really enhance your pool experience. We may also offer you the switch to a salt system and explain why we feel your pool will be cleaner and healthier.

The following are just some of the pool and spa repairs we provide for our clients in Orange and anywhere else in Orange County. We can assist you with any pool or spa repair and can provide the best in routine pool service.

Pool Heater Repair and Upgrades Spa Heater Repair and Upgrades
Pool Pump Repair and Upgrades Spa Pump Repair and Upgrades
Pool Filter Repair and Upgrades Spa Filter Repair and Upgrades
Pool Lighting Repair and Upgrades Spa Lighting Repair and Upgrades
Salt Water Pool Repairs Ozone Generator Repairs
Pool Electrical and Control Repairs Spa Electrical and Control Repairs
Pool Plumbing Repairs Spa Plumbing Repairs