Orange County Pool Filter Repair

OC Pools and Spa knows proper pool filter repair will maintain a clean and safe water environment. The pool filter is the first line of defense in keeping their pool water clean. Pool and spa filters need regular maintenance and service to do their job properly. A leaking or malfunctioning pool filter needs to be repaired or replaced quickly. Our trained and experienced technicians will diagnose any pool filter concerns you may have.

Pool and Spa Filter Service and Repairs in Orange County

We are experienced in all types of pool filters from pressure and suction filters to sand filters to Cartridge and DE (diatomaceous earth) filters and have the ability to repair any pool filter. Correct procedures are always performed on each and every type of pool filter service we do. Should a pool or spa filter repair or replacement be needed, a total evaluation is performed. We may recommend a filter upgrade or type to handle the pools needs more efficiently. Not only can we help you with your pool filter repair, replacement or service, we can handle any and all pool or spa concerns you may have.

Below is a brief list of the Orange County pool and spa repairs. Call us today with any pool or spa needs or questions of yours.

Pool Heater Repair and Upgrades Spa Heater Repair and Upgrades
Pool Pump Repair and Upgrades Spa Pump Repair and Upgrades
Pool Filter Repair and Upgrades Spa Filter Repair and Upgrades
Pool Lighting Repair and Upgrades Spa Lighting Repair and Upgrades
Salt Water Pool Repairs Ozone Generator Repairs
Pool Electrical and Control Repairs Spa Electrical and Control Repairs
Pool Plumbing Repairs Spa Plumbing Repairs