Orange County Pool and Spa Repair

For the past 20 years OC Pool and Spa Service has been chosen for the highest quality in pool and spa repairs for all of Orange County. We have the experience to repair and upgrade all types of pools and spas no matter the type of equipment your pool has. We gladly tackle all pool repairs from small one time jobs to major equipment repair and overhauls anywhere in Orange County.

Pool and Spa Repair and Upgrades

Our highly trained pool and spa repair technicians will accurately diagnose and perform any necessary pool repairs. Our Orange County customers may also desire to upgrade their equipment during a replacement or repair to take advantage of newer technology. Automated controls to energy efficient lighting will help you save on energy costs. We will gladly advise you of all the options you may choose from. Below is a partial list of pool and spa repairs we are able to perform anywhere in Orange County.

Pool Heater Repair and Upgrades Spa Heater Repair and Upgrades
Pool Pump Repair and Upgrades Spa Pump Repair and Upgrades
Pool Filter Repair and Upgrades Spa Filter Repair and Upgrades
Pool Lighting Repair and Upgrades Spa Lighting Repair and Upgrades
Salt Water Pool Repairs Ozone Generator Repairs
Pool Electrical and Control Repairs Spa Electrical and Control Repairs
Pool Plumbing Repairs Spa Plumbing Repairs